Peckham Provides Entry-Level IT Opportunities for People with Disabilities

Grand Rapids, MI - Peckham Inc., a nonprofit that provides training and employment opportunities to individuals with significant disabilities, has partnered with Goodwill of Greater Grand Rapids to offer entry-level careers in the IT industry.

The new opportunity has given a renewed sense of independence, confidence and freedom to agents like Jonathan Krieger, 31 who began in January. Krieger, who has cerebral palsy, came to Peckham with an unfulfilling work history – most recently working customer service at a cash-advance facility, and before that unemployed.

“Finding companies to accommodate a disabled workforce is very hard. They think people with disabilities are more of a burden than a future success story,” said Krieger. “At Peckham, your disability is not a barrier to you receiving gainful employment, and the positive work environment allows you to be as successful as you possibly can.”

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