Peckham Inc. Committed to Hiring Veterans with Disabilities

LANSING, MI – Peckham, Inc., a leading community vocational rehabilitation organization serving individuals with significant disabilities, recognizes the unique needs of veterans living with disabilities who are looking to re-enter the workforce.
Peckham was named 2013 Veteran Friendly Workplace by the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency and launched its Veteran Services program to demonstrate its commitment to providing a supportive and welcoming environment for qualified veterans through mentoring, advocacy and support. Since launching, the organization has served hundreds of veterans each year.  
“Peckham’s demonstrated expertise in earning federal military contracts, allow veterans to re-enter the workforce with great pride in continuing our service to our country. Whether veterans have a physical disability, like the loss of a limb, or a mental disability, like PTSD, the supportive programs and flexible work environment, allow us to re-acclimate to work with passion and excitement,” said Tyler Riddle, Peckham Veteran Peer Specialist.

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