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If you are certified and would like to be added to our interpreter pool, please e-mail your resume and copy of certification to Calvin Kennebrew at or Leslie Darling at

Michigan Interpreters may be found by region or credientals below.
Peckham, Inc. is fully engaged in providing ASL services for clients who are Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deafblind and meet eligibility criteria. 

Peckham, Inc's Deaf Services Program partners with highly qualified American Sign Language Interpreters enabling us to fulfill our obligations for client- related accommodations. Peckham, Inc. contracts many certified state- and national level interpreters. They have a Board of Evaluation for Interpreters (BEI) state level, or a National Interpreter Certification (NIC) national level. They carry a card which indicated the level they are certified. 

If you have questions about what each certification level qualifies them for, in terms of job complexity and difficulty, please contact the Peckham Deaf Services team. 
Phoenix, Arizona 
Coralville, Iowa