AmeriCorps Programs at Peckham

Adult Education

Members serving with the Adult Education program provide direct service to clients in ESOL, Citizenship, GED and English comprehension tutoring. Members engage in individual coaching relationships that extend more than 6 weeks with the same client(s); including tutoring support for refugees and individuals with disabilities from other countries, as well as clients wanting to improve their reading and writing comprehension skills.

Youth Services

Members serving with the Youth Services department provide direct service to at-risk youth in the areas of financial literacy and employability skills. Members cultivate relationships with youth to develop career goals and assist youth in pursuing those goals.

Many youth in these programs have experienced significant trauma and/or have a disability which has affected their ability to find and maintain gainful employment. The members in these positions assist students in creating resumes, cover letters, job applications, mock interviews, job shadows and overall career development.

World of Work

Members serving the World of Work program provide direct service to clients to gain and improve employability skills. Members engage in individual coaching that includes assistance with resumes, cover letters, job searching and applications, mock interviews, professional image and behavior, as well as other soft-skill development. Some members provide both World of Work and Financial Literacy at the Peckham locations in which they serve.

Financial Literacy

Members providing Financial Literacy services engage in direct service with clients to help them understand the tools and skills necessary for managing finances and turning income into lasting assets.

Members in these positions provide individual coaching and group financial classes on the following topics; budgeting, credit education, retirement planning, FAFSA, debt resolution, homeownership resources, and other various financial topics. Members also partner with local credit unions and banks to provide additional classes for clients.

PATH (Employability Skills)

Members serving the PATH program at Capital Area Michigan Works! engage in direct service with clients receiving cash assistance through the Department of Human Services. Members provide resume and cover letter development, professional dialect, job searching and application assistance, and professional image coaching.

Many clients in the PATH program have been unemployed or under-employed for a significant amount of time and require support and guidance to re-enter the workforce.

Income Tax Preparation

Members providing income tax preparation services provide individual and group coaching sessions so that clients may learn how to prepare income tax returns without having to seek paid-preparation in the community. Members utilize My Free Taxes, a grant program funded by the United Way with support of the Asset Independence Coalition in Lansing.

Members receive IRS-sponsored training through the VITA program (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) and are certified by the IRS to assist with tax return preparation. Members also provide classes on planning for tax season and tax refund management.

While most AmeriCorps service terms are a one (1) year commitment, members engaged in tax preparation services commit to 6 months of service from November-May of any given program year.