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Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer
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Peckham, Inc.

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With nearly two decades of experience, we can manage large and small contracts. From 2 to 20,000 items, let Peckham create a winning solution for you today. Here is just one example of how we have helped a customer better compete in today's marketplace.


Case Study

When a local entrepreneur was growing her business she started working many hours packing kits in her garage with family members. There came a point where she could not expand her business due to her distribution limitation.  Then she reached out to Peckham.

We were able to help through our pricing advantage making her shipping supplies much less expensive. In fact, the savings on supplies, helps off set the cost of the additional labor and she was able to maintain her current pricing structure and still make a profit. Now she can focus on growing her business, and let us worry about packing and shipping her product. .