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Local Farming

Local farming benefits the community in may ways. It reduces the amount of food storage and travel time, helping food keep its nutritional value.

Local farming also keeps revenue local, circulating it back int the communities in which we live,helping farms and business thrive. 

In addition to job opportunities, Peckham wants to provide a resource for making healthier foods more affordable and accessible.

The farm provides an avenue for those we serve to gain skills in marketing, management and horticulture, while offering the resources to grow, buy and sell fresh produce.

We are offering you the opportunity to participate in this year’s CSA program!
The concept behind CSA is similar to investing in stock. Our program allows you to invest in “shares,” of Peckham Farms.

When the Farm does well, you get a weekly return of produce. There is also a “risk” involved in purchasing a share. Just like the stock market.  We cannot guarantee a specific yield or particular vegetables that may be available.

Peckham Farms CSA program is a great way to invest in our community, and at the same time get access to wonderful, locally grown produce.

For more information on the 2016 CSA program click here

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Location & Contact Information

Peckham Farms Market
5408 W. Grand River Ave
Lansing, MI 48906

Contact: David Allen
Peckham Farms Business Manager