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Case Study

An industry-leading company develops many new products. Their core competence is innovation and engineering, not manufacturing.

New Product Launch Case Study


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Peckham's mission is to provide a wide range of opportunities and paid job training for persons with a disability who are striving for greater independence and self-sufficiency. 




Peckham New Product Launch Support

Whether floorspace is a constraint or you want outside expertise for prototype line setup or cycle time optimization, we can be your partner. New product launch support entails many challenges. To be the best partner, we start by asking questions.

Questions like

  • Is this a totally new product or product enhancement?
  • Have you made anything like it before?
  • Is the design finalized?
  • Do you have tooling?
  • Are you looking for a development partner?
  • What volume levels do you need to support?
  • Where will the product be shipped?
  • Are you looking for a low-volume production partner?
  • Will the production move based on volume achieved?

Why? Because we want to understand your challenge and expectations, develop alternatives, and provide the pros/cons and business case for each alternative. 

New Product Launch Solutions 

- Dedicated line employees & supervisors   - Process specifications
- Dedicated lines                                           - Product cost tracking
- Development partner                                  - Prototypes
- Packaging                                                   - Sourcing
- Problem Solving                                          - Standard work instructions
- Process development

At Peckham, we don’t try to fit your new product into the standard new product launch kit. We build the kit to meet your needs.

Ready to learn more? Check out our unique partnership with an industry-leading company that develops many new products.