Peckham Mission Engagement Experiences

MEe 2015-2016

  • Advocacy
  • Health and Wellness
  • Peckham University
  • Inclusion

It is our business passion and culture to exceed our customer’s expectations. It is our human service passion and culture to empower, enrich and educate those we serve.

Each year, Peckham choose key areas that focus on the mission and vision of the organization. 


This team is committed to advancing the quality of life, dignity, equality, sAdvocacyRocksColor.jpgelf-determination and freedom of choice of people with disabilities through collaboration, education and advocacy.


Peckham understands that health and wellness are especially criticalPeckhamWellnessColorLogo.jpg to persons with disabilities. We offer many programs including, fitness evaluations and incentives for making improvements in health status.


Adult Education

As lifelong learners, we understand continual education with an emphasis on technology is necessary to remain competitive. Better-logo-for-AMY.jpgPeckham encourages collaboration and promotes opportunities to learn from each other.


The Inclusion Team focuses on celebrating individuality while providing continued education and awareness specifically relating to culture and disability. Peckham_Inclusion.jpgThis team also focuses on strengthening Peckham culture throughout the organization.